Why Do We Know So Little About Glutathione?

Why Do We Know So Little About Glutathione?

Glutathione is considered the most potent antioxidant produced in the brain and yet so few people have heard of it. It’s pronounced ( GLU-TA-THIGH-ON)!

It is a tripeptide comprised of three significant amino acids: glycine, cysteine and glutamate which makes glutathione is sulphuric by nature.

Glutathione is The Master Antioxidant that scavenges the most free radicals rapidly reduces oxidative stress because when absorbed properly in the body, it is the antioxidant of wonder. 

Glutathione diminishes after age 30 and is not absorbed taking a regular supplement like a pill. 

We get glutathione from food sources such and cruciferous, sulphur rich foods  like brussel sprout, broccoli, cabbage and dark leafy greens; as well eggs and grass-fed whey protein powder. 

Yet, we can’t get enough glutathione from our foods to consistently increase our levels. 

It is age and lifestyle factors which reduces glutathione. Our day-to-day plays an enormous role in how rapid our glutathione levels will diminish and therefore make us more susceptible to acquiring diseases.   These include stress, poor diet, chemical exposures such as cleaning products and lack of sleep can all contribute to diminishing glutathione levels. 

Glutathione is the antioxidant of wonder. It is the king of managing our immune-system

Due to it being the most important antioxidant, it can help with various health conditions: autoimmune conditions, reduction in  brain fog, increased concentration, better sleep, reduction in inflammation and skin conditions. 

Since it scavenges free radicals, glutathione goes around devouring what doesn’t serve us. That is why we need enough of it.  

The most powerful antioxidant of wonder rapidly reduces aging presentations and helps you age perfectly with grace. The more free radicals which are scavenged, the more rapid aging presentations start to reduce. 

There is no organism on earth that doesn’t have glutathione. Yet to experience the best results of what glutathione has to offer, we need to have higher levels than most of us do. 

Since it’s not absorbed via traditional supplementation, and we can’t fully absorb all glutathione when one gets an injection because it is too much for the body at one time. 

We need to consider liposomal absobption. Liposomal glutathione is made by wrapping the GSH molecule in lipids or fats, which act as a protective cell membrane. This allows the glutathione molecule to be transported safely throughout the gut and into the bloodstream.

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Here is a great clip of Dr. Oz on Glutathione