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Susona evolved out of a mandate to provide regenerative products to the world that would introduce a new approach to Aging with Grace, Health and Wellness.

As an integrative health practitioner for over a decade, Founder and CEO Rachel Levine, MSc., worked with a wide range of patients who suffered from autoimmune conditions, cancer, and challenging mental health issues. Levine sought to address a common thread in the increasingly prevalent health challenges we face in today’s modern society - her research focusing on the vast benefits of glutathione, the master antioxidant in the brain that decreases with age. Optimum levels detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, maintain brain health, boost immunity and impart visibly younger, glowing skin. Alternatively, diminished levels of glutathione point to a wide array of disease. Parkinson’s patients, for example, have very little glutathione left in the brain by the time they’re diagnosed.

So, what if everyone had access to glutathione? Could we live a more nourished life? A challenging question, given we aren’t able to get enough in the foods we eat, oral supplements aren’t adequately absorbed and injections are inconvenient and costly.

Levine embarked on an incredible journey to develop new delivery systems for the antioxidant that are safe, easy and effective - and Glutatherapy™ was the result. While she never set out to create a skincare line, through advanced liposomal science she developed methods in which glutathione’s benefits could be delivered through the skin, nourishing cellular structures from the inside out. The extraordinary outcome is the empowering line of products you can benefit from today.

Having a healthy glow on the outside is enhanced by clarity, focus and increased energy from within. It’s the ideal synergy and is the foundation for Susona’s mission as we apply advanced science to re-envision wellness and beauty that’s accessible, safe and life-enhancing for all