Susona gives you the best experience of the best antioxidant you’ve never heard of… until now. Known as “the master antioxidant,” glutathione (pronounced “glu-ta-thy-on”) is an antioxidant naturally found in our bodies that is essential to overall health and wellbeing.

Our founder, Rachel Levine, worked as a Integrative healthcare practitioner for over a decade. She saw patients suffering from a wide range of issues, from skin health to mental health conditions and was so moved by the benefits of glutathione that she made it her life mission to understand this perfect antioxidant.

That’s why Susona created its patented Glutatherapy™ technology to help you absorb all of the benefits of glutathione right through the body’s largest organ - the skin. With our line of liposomal, transdermal creams and patches, Susona products work at a cellular level so you can restore your natural radiance from the inside out.