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Delivering Glutathione, The Master Antioxidant For Life

The magic of Susona begins to take hold: oxidative stress decreases, toxins are eliminated, cellular energy is increased and the immune system is boosted!

We created a line of Glutathione products to address all the 1000+1 uses this Master Antioxidant delivers.

Susona is a patented, science-based, non-toxic, women-owned high performance skincare company.

Our products are liposomal and transdermal, therefore, they go beyond the skin to nourish on a cellular level.

Access All the Benefits of this Miracle Antioxidant
Susona's Benefits of Glutathione

Susona's Solution: Glutatherapy™ = High Performance Skincare

Face + Mind Serum

Susona Face + Mind Serum is a simple way to show some TLC to your greatest assets. Our unique plant-based collagen formulation works directly with glutathione to replenish the body’s natural supply. 

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Support + Serenity Patches

Take on the day with nature’s most powerful antioxidant on your side. Susona Support + Serenity patches continuously deliver glutathione throughout the day. From giving your immune system a boost to relaxing your mind, these patches have got you covered.

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Body + Mind Cream

Your skin is your largest organ. Say what?! That’s why you should take care of it with Susona Body + Mind cream. Our body cream packs a punch with Arnica Montana and glutathione delivered directly through the skin, so you can experience the radiance from inside out.

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