Glutathione? Never heard of her. Glutathione, a superhero antioxidant, is a powerful molecule made up of three amino acids - glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. It is the only antioxidant found in every cell in the body. High levels in the body lead to glowing skin, clarity of mind, and strong immunity.

The best part is that glutathione is natural; our own bodies make it. The problem is that we make significantly less as we age. Low glutathione levels are associated with accelerated aging and other mental health conditions. Nobody wants that.

I know what you’re thinking, “Sign me up. Give me all the glutathione my little cells can handle.” Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. When you take glutathione as a supplement, a bunch of it breaks down as soon as it hits your stomach.

Susona uses Glutatherapy™ to deliver safe and effective glutathione products that nourish the core of the body’s systems. Glutatherapy™ uses the science of liposomal, transdermal delivery to ensure that optimal potency of glutathione reaches the body’s systems fully intact. Our line of Susona products utilizes this new technology to deliver glutathione directly through your skin and leave you feeling absolutely brand new.


Hello, new glow! Glutathione has long been used in skin products because of its proven effectiveness to brighten the skin. Glutathione works deep within the pores to optimize cellular regeneration and promote overall skin health. Where other glutathione skin products have bleaching agents, our products are naturally formulated to highlight the full benefits of glutathione.

With our every pore magnified on screens recently, it’s not a bad idea to show our skin a little extra lovin’. Glutathione will leave you feeling radiant from the inside out.


Stress is no stranger for many of us. Especially during times of immense uncertainty, constant worry seems to overtake many of our daily activities.

The worst part about stress is that recognizing it often leads to more stress, reinforced via a positive feedback loop. When the body is in chronic stress, oxidative stress in the body and brain can cause inflammation, higher susceptibility to disease, and lower levels of glutathione.

Research has increasingly presented lower levels of glutathione being associated with a number of mental health conditions. Glutathione can help us start to heal, reduce our fight or flight reactions, and ultimately move forward with clarity and positivity.


Glutathione is crucial for your immune system, particularly in fighting inflammation. Glutathione increases white blood cell count, which acts as a strong line of defense against viruses and bacteria.

As the superhero of antioxidants, glutathione is essential for reducing susceptibility to illness. Illness can largely be attributed to stress, poor dietary habits, lack of sleep and emotional disturbances. Sound familiar? We know the feeling.

Incorporating glutathione into our daily routines is one easy way to reduce acquiring chronic conditions. Whereas traditional glutathione is not well absorbed, Susona products deliver everything you need and nothing you don’t.