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Why Glutathione?

Susona's Serum’s, Creams & Clarity Patches were developed to harness the power of glutathione, the most potent antioxidant produced in the brain.

Glutathione is made up of three amino acids – glutamate, cysteine and glycine, forming a powerful anti-aging molecule that’s key in detoxifying the body, maintaining brain health, boosting immunity and generating visibly younger skin.  

Although glutathione is created in the brain, its production rapidly diminishes after the age of 30. It’s difficult to obtain enough in our diets, oral supplements aren’t well-absorbed in the body and injections are costly and inconvenient. That’s why Susona developed two unique delivery methods to deliver glutathione to the whole of the body in a convenient, non-invasive way.

Glutatherapy™ uses the science of liposomal and Patch delivery to ensure optimal potency of glutathione, utilizing the skin with both Susona patches and skin creams to reach deep down into the cellular structure.  Used on a regular basis, Glutatherapy™ not only counters oxidative stress and toxins, increases cellular energy and supports a healthy immune system -  but skin is also visibly hydrated and brighter with fewer fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Most Potent Antioxidant: Glutathione is considered the key antioxidant as it feeds are mitochondria which gives our cells energy and life. It quickly diminishes with age and can be seen as an aid in protecting against neurological conditions and the prevention of cell death