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Skin Brightening & Healthy Aging

Glutathione brightens your skin as it converts melanin to a lighter color and deactivates tyrosinase, an enzyme that helps to produce the pigment. Glutahtione is considered The Master Antioxidant

Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress, which in turn eliminates free radicals. Since our liposomal glutathione goes beyond the skin, free radicals are quickly extinguished which is reducing and repairing on a cellular level and helps reverse wrinkles as well as tighten and brighten the skin more quickly

In countries like the Philippines and Taiwan, glutathione has been used to brighten skin, reduce wrinkles and  achieve a more even skin tone, as well as diminish blotches and scars.

Our Liposomal Face Serum also has a plant-based collagen derived from African Mahogany, making this serum a dynamic duo in achieving rapid results.

Anti-Aging Reserach 
Skin Brightening: