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Infertility affects one in six couples and it is often related to the affliction of the sperm.

Glutathione being the Master Antioxidant, reduces Oxidative Stress and eliminates Free Radicals.  Oxidative Stress and inflammation interrupts Nitric Oxide production, which is a determinant for vascular diseases such as Erectile Dysfunction.

Nitric Oxide is the key element which plays a role in determining the ability for men to have effective erections.  “Glutathione administered in vivo to patients who may have infertility secondary to excessive oxidative stress appears to act at the epididymis and during spermatogenesis, to improve the function of ejaculated spermatozoa” what this means is that glutathione helps the development of sperm cells within the male organs & testes.   

Decreased vascular Nitric Oxide can be a result of age, excessive abdominal fat, smoking, increased intake of sugar, lack of exercise and diabetes for example.

In a study which looked at glutathione levels in both men with and without diabetes, those men who had low glutathione levels, struggled more with Erectile Dysfunction.

So increasing our Glutathione, reduces oxidative stress, which then allows for the production of  Nitric Oxide so Healthier Erections, and Strong Sperm Motility are Achieved!

Glutathione also increases our vital energy, therefore it has been shown it helps men last longer during intercourse!


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