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Glutathione & AlcoholismGlutathione & Alcohol

Glutathione regulates many cellular functions and immune responses.

It neutralizes free radicals which creates a detoxification process of harmful compounds like alcohol.

In the liver, glutathione binds to toxins before they are excreted which is how this Master Antioxidant is the most potent detoxifier.

Glutathione has been known to reduce alcoholic cravings.

Extensive research has been done on glutathione and the repair of fatty alcohol liver disease.

If you take Paracetamol (ie: Tylenol) it metabolizes in your liver, and a small portion of this process results in a toxic by-product that can be harmful to your liver.

Fortunately, glutathione minimizes this toxic effect!

Glutathione can be reduced in the liver by heavy alcohol consumption, so drink responsibly and restore your healthy glutathione levels with our Glutatherapy™️ products!